Too Slow To Disco

  • Wo? Monarch Bar, Skalitzerstr. 134, 10997 Berlin
  • Wann?
hi there slo-mo yacht disco people of Berlin:

We invite you to our monthly Monarch Resident Party.
Last one for the decade, not only for 2019! CHAMPAGNE!
(don't worry, we are back on january 25th, how could we stop this monthly highlight of our lifes!)

DJ Supermarkt will take you on a special journey and looks back on the last years playing his favorite Edits&Reworks and original Yacht Electronic Pop tracks! He will dig deep into the many musical memories of that time!
Not to forget: we are still celebrating our 5th year at Monarch

Enjoy another long, smooth night of modern and old yacht-disco, with your host DJ SUPERMARKT all night long (as Lionel Richie would put it..)

DJ Supermarkt will take you on a long ride of danceable slo-mo nite technicolor-disco-music. From Westcoast inspired Yacht Disco Edits to modern, discofied electronic Club-Pop. And way way beyond!


Entry: 4 Euros

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