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Gato Preto | Tour 2019

Gato Preto had a perfect start into the year 2019 with their concerts at the Showcase-Festivals GlobalFest in New York City and Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen. They got fantastic response from the professionals and the audiences. Now Gato Preto are surfing on a good wave which is heading to a great festival summer and the release of the second album in September. The first single is going to be released in April.

Gato Preto has become one of the most vibrant and extravagant, contemporary African artists. Fusing music and culture from Mozambique to Germany, Ghana to Senegal, this group will have you re-thinking everything you think you know about African music. This afrofuturistic live act "doesn't just put on a show; it makes a scene" NPR Music. The band built their name through stunning high energetic live performances - they combine Electronic Beats with powerful live percussions and Gata's intense strong voice. Their stage outfits, the dancers and visuals make the concerts of Gato Preto to an impressive liveshow, you would't forget so quick.

The music of Gato Preto is the essence of "Rockin' Favela Funk" from Rio, "Township Grooves" from South Africa and "Hybrid Tech" named Kuduro from Angola. Gato Preto producer Lee Bass creates the basis for MC Gata Misteriosa and her portuguese power-punchlines, she grew up in Lisbon and her roots are in Mozambique. Lee is half Ghanaian and German.They both meet and live in Düsseldorf – Germany.

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