Weißes Rauschen

  • Wo? Cube - Diskothek für Subkultur, Mertensgasse 8, 40213 Düsseldorf
  • Wann?
from the darkness of the shadows we arose, for more than five years. in a cold, distant world we found space. a dark heart sees more than a bright. a hedonistic life is better. follow your lust, follow your fears !

for the year twenty twenty we present a new member to the "weißes rauschen" resident pool. Heiner Hersemann is a monster at the vinyls and working at the infamous kompakt records in cologne.

longside our longterm residents Windfuhr and MarvinRichter he is the center point of this event. we welcome him and looking forward.

let us once again have a night of sweat and carnal lust.

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