• Wo? Cube - Diskothek für Subkultur, Mertensgasse 8, 40213 Düsseldorf
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All the way from the cold, hard East. We curate one night of Berlin Techno for you.

Crore (Vision Conflict / Habitus Berlin )

Crore is the techno project by the Berlin based producer Evgeny St. Raised in the german capital he quickly got attracted by the cities techno-hotspots and spent many nights under their strobes before relocating to the other side of the booth.
After being active on the local scene for many years and organizing underground raves in his hometown he founded his own imprint Vision Conflict, which bridges the gap between club oriented tracks and less functional electronics.


Lutzy Far is a newcomer in the techno scene. His dark, hypnotic and abstract sounds are driving and powerful.
Each DJ set is charged with a special energy and shows his dedication and passion for electronic music.

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