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Tickets für Eclipse

Over 100 000 records sold, around 30 million streams, hundreds of gigs on four different continents, clearly this bird is ready for take-off! Eclipse has consistently outperformed themselves with each album and now they’re returning with their seventh record scheduled for release in the fall of 2019.

After festival shows at Wacken Open Air, Rock Fest Barcelona Rock and Bang Your Head, headlining tours in Europe and Japan as well as opening for bands like Aerosmith and Scorpions, ECLIPSE will hit the European stages again this fall with their explosive mix of heavy riffs and arena size choruses.

Says front man and lead singer Erik Martensson:
“It’s not about luck, and it’s not about talent. It’s about hard fucking work and loving what you do! We create greatness when we get to share our craft with an audience that gets us. We can’t wait to meet old and new fans again!”

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