Angelika Niescier New York Trio

  • Wo? Laeiszhalle, Johannes-Brahms-Platz , 20355 Hamburg
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With Angelika Niescier, one of the leading representatives of a new generation of passionate female jazz artists comes to the Elbphilharmonie. The saxophonist was born in Poland in 1970 and moved to Germany at the age of eleven. Together with the other members of her NYC Trio (Chris Tordini, bass and Gerald Cleaver, drums) she explores many aspects of ensemble playing with great receptiveness for different styles. The focus here is on maximum communication and openness. The result sometimes sounds subtly differentiated like chamber music, sometimes densely woven and impetuous, but always full of tension and focused on the moment.

Angelika Niescier New York Trio

Angelika Niescier saxophone
Chris Tordini bass
Gerald Cleaver drums
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