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If one conductor personifies the infectious verve of the young, early music generation in ideal form, it is Sébastien Daucé. Together with his Ensemble Correspondances, founded in Lyon in 2009, Daucé is constantly searching for undiscovered truffles in the French Baroque repertoire in particular. Maximum listening pleasure is guaranteed, with gorgeous tone colours and energetic rhythms.

Ensemble Correspondances

Lucile Richardot alto

Sébastien Daucé Orgel und Leitung

»Perpetual Night«
Robert Johnson
Care-charming sleep

John Coperario
Go, happy man

William Lawes
Whiles I this standing lake

Martin Peerson
O precious time

William Lawes
Music, the master of thy art is dead

Nicholas Lanier
No more shall meads

Robert Ramsey
Go, perjured man

Matthew Locke

John Banister
Give me my lute

Robert Ramsey
Howl not, you ghosts and furies

William Lawes
Britanocles the great and good appears

- Pause -
Matthew Locke

William Webb
Powerful Morpheus, let thy charms

John Hilton
Rise, princely shepherd

James Hart
Adieu to the pleasures

John Banister

George Jeffreys

John Blow
Poor Celadon, he sighs in vain (Loving above himself)

Henry Purcell
When Orpheus sang / Celestical music did the gods inspire

John Jackson
Phillis, oh! turn that face

John Blow
Sing, sing, Ye Muses

Pre-Concert Talk (in German)
19:00 / Laeiszhalle Hamburg, Kleiner Saal

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Supporting programme
Sat, 25 Jan 2020 21:00 / Harmony of the Spheres, Barlach Halle K

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