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If we listen to Igor Levit talking about the 32 Beethoven sonatas, it is not hard to understand why the intensive study and performance of the entire oeuvre is of such existential importance to him. »These are compositions where an incredible amount happens in a very confined space, and that suits me perfectly. Life is so rich, and so much of it passes me by! The incredible compression of these sonatas, the sheer density of events in these scores, gives me a feeling of participation. Beethoven offers me the chance to play excitingly. I am never just a performer. No, I play: with the audience, with the piece and with myself.« It goes without saying that a great deal of thought goes into Igor Levit's playing.

Igor Levit piano

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonate d-Moll op. 31/2 »Der Sturm«
Sonate B-Dur op. 22

- Pause -

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonate C-Dur op. 2/3
Sonate c-Moll op. 13 »Pathétique«

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