-II- (Two Eyes) – Ghost Wave From Nancy Support: Flesh

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Take a trip in the dark…

Two candles on a cold marble floor. Light is dim, darkness becomes the dominating feature. The music, as well as the imagery, is deeply rooted in tenebrism : where light and dark are violently contrasting each other in a gloomy chiaroscuro. Born in 2017 in the underground of Nancy (France), -ii- casts a dark ritual composed of electronic rhythms, intense atmospheres and sensual psalms.

Drawing influences from many different artists : the ghostly production of Chelsea Wolfe, the industrial energy of Nine Inch Nails, the electronic spleen of Health – the band’s aesthetic singularly combines all these elements into a dark scenery. A voice and a guitar, a confluence between prayer and forgery. Thus speaks the art of the band. It’s an invitation to the deepest corners of the self.

Delight yourself in the void.

Join the ritual.




Flesh is a membrane witch from Hamburg who uses self-recorded sounds and synthesizers to spread dark vibrations around the globe. These create an oppressive and debilitating atmosphere, that penetrates deeply into the human psyche. This brings the listener to a different level of consciousness, on which she can communicate.



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