Jan Garbarek Group feat. Trilok Gurtu

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»The human voice is my ideal,« says Jan Garbarek, and there is surely no other saxophonist who has come as close to this ideal as the Norwegian musician. The contrast between the songlike, poetic simplicity and the intensity of the free improvisation with other musicians is at the core of Jan Garbarek’s art. Each of the artists who accompany him makes a unique contribution: long-time partner Rainer Brüninghaus on the piano, Trilok Gurtu, the wild percussive magician from India, on the drums, and the Brazilian Yuri Daniel on the bass. Garbarek is a musical round-the-world yachtsman who collects everything the wind blows his way.

Jan Garbarek Group

Jan Garbarek saxophone
Yuri Daniel double bass
Rainer Brüninghaus piano
Trilok Gurtu drums

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