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He is one of today's most successful composers, and Zeit Online’s verdict on the British composer Max Richter is, »Thanks to him, people suffering from stress can sleep again.« Attributing his music to a specific genre seems impossible – Richter's repertoire ranges from contemporary classical music to minimal and ambient music. He received his most impressive media response for the mammoth project »SLEEP« – an eight-hour lullaby and his personal response to a hyped-up world. At the world premiere in the Berlin power plant, 500 cots were set up for the audience. In this concert at the Laeiszhalle, the work can be heard in its 90-minute concert version. Just sit back and enjoy!

Max Richter piano, live electronics

Grace Davidson soprano

The Max Richter Ensemble

Max Richter
»The Leftovers«
»From SLEEP«

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