Mitraille | Karatekeller

  • Wo? Molotow, Nobistor 14, 22767 Hamburg
  • Wann?
Einlass Karatekeller: 23 Uhr
Eintritt für alle Floors: 6,- €

Präsentiert von WILD WAX SHOWS

“Go listen to some fucking garage punk, you pointy little tit.” – Jason Williamson

After an overdose of Sleaford Mods and Ty Segall's Slaughter House, two ex-band members start MITRAILLE. They shove a friend behind the drum kit and decide to record an EP and start playing shows as soon as possible. In 2018 they release 'Schroot' on Belly Button Records: 16 minutes of raw garage and trashy punk recorded live on tape. After a year of playing live in Belgium, France and Germany they return to the studio to once again lay down six tracks on analogue tape. The new EP is even more ferocious than the last, and will be released autumn 2019 on vinyl by Ronny Rex. Come check it out. The main reason?

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