The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen / Sir Roger Norrington

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A gentleman with clear ideas of what he wants. Easy-going and determined. When Sir Roger Norrington embarked on his career, no one could anticipate that his name would have such a firm place in the music world one day. But he pulled it off, both with ensembles of his own and with the world's major orchestras. According to Norrington, a conductor is like a chef: he doesn't manufacture the ingredients, but he uses a good knowledge of the basic rules to ensure the optimum preparation. Thus his primary goal is to give an orchestra a sense of pleasure and self-confidence. To reduce things to a common denominator: the name Norrington combines the serious and the cheerful. For many years now, the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen has had the pleasure of regularly welcoming him as its guest conductor.

For this concert, the British maestro and the Bremen orchestra have chosen two of the twelve London symphonies that Haydn wrote between 1791 and 1795 during his sojourns on the Thames. The pulsating, cosmopolitan city with its elegant social life were a source of fascination and inspiration to him, and his first stay there was crowned with the award of a honorary doctorate of music by the famous University of Oxford.

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Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

Julia Doyle soprano

Rebecca Maurer Hammerklavier

conductor Sir Roger Norrington

»Dr. Haydns London Academy«

Joseph Haydn
Sinfonie c-Moll Hob. I/95

Joseph Haydn
English songs with Piano
O Tuneful Voice Hob. XXVIa/42
She never told her love (Stets barg die Liebe sie) Hob. XXVIa/34
Piercing Eyes (Heller Blick) Hob. XXVIa/35
Sinfonie G-Dur Hob. I/92 »Oxford«

- Pause -

Joseph Haydn
March for the Prince of Wales (Marsch für den Prinzen von Wales) Es-Dur Hob. VIII/3
The Mermaid's Song / La Nymphe Hob. XXVIa/25
Fidelity (Die Treue) Hob. XXVIa/30 »While hollow burst the rushing winds«
Sailor's Song Hob. XXVIa/31

Joseph Haydn
Sinfonie B-Dur Hob. I/98

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