The Grand Night of Verdi

  • Wo? Laeiszhalle, Johannes-Brahms-Platz , 20355 Hamburg
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Love, hate, betrayal, madness and lust for power: Giuseppe Verdi’s operas cover all the major themes of humanity in music. He dominated the opera scene for almost 50 years – and that not only in his Italian homeland. All the operatic centres of the world celebrated Verdi as one of the leading musical figures of his age. Accompanied by great solo voices, the choir and orchestra of the Milano Festival Opera under Silvano Frontalini present a foray through the Italian genius’ most popular operas.

Chor & Orchester der Milano Festival Opera

Silvia Rampazzo soprano

Christian Lanzo tenor

Giulio Boschetti baritone

conductor Silvano Frontalini

Auszüge aus Opern von Giuseppe Verdi

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