Viva el tango

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Hardly any other dance is so sensual, melancholic and at the same time full of joie de vivre – this concert, titled »Viva el tango«, is devoted entirely to the »Tango argentino«. In the spotlight: Carlos Gardel, one of the most brilliant tango composers of the 1930s, and Astor Piazzolla, who decisively developed the virtuosic Tango Nuevo of the 1950s. The highlight of the evening: a thrilling dance performance by renowned artists Karin Solana and Onur Gümrükçü.

Tigran Mikaelyan violin

Tair Turganov double bass

Christian Gerber bandoneon

Fernando Bruguera piano

Karin Solana dance

Onur Gümrükçü dance

Musik von Astor Piazzolla, Juan d'Arienzo, Carlos Gardel und Angel d'Agostino

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