10 Jahre reiheM - Jubiläumsfestival- Abgesagt

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10 Jahre reiheM

The series celebrates its 10th anniversary not only with numerous concert dates in the second half of 2019, but also with a special one-day anniversary festival on 2 October.

10 years of series - since 2009, the Cologne concert series has been combining innovative sound experiments and current musical trends with groundbreaking works and personalities from the music avant-garde of the 20th and 21st centuries. At more than 110 events at various locations to date, reiheM has presented and continues to present a large number of artistic positions that are otherwise only rarely or not at all to be heard in Cologne and the region.

Extraordinary facets of contemporary music practice meet cross-genre musical performances, electronics and computer music encounter works from the field of sound art. Intensive listening experiences around an expanded concept of music are the focus of the programme sponsored by the State of NRW and the City of Cologne.

The focus is also on dealing with unusual or unique instruments, exemplary work presentations, portrait concerts, experimental formats, workshops on artistic sound practice and film events. Against the background of rapid social and technological change, the series creates offers for curious, open listening along musical lines of development beyond the mainstream.

Local and international musicians* who are close to the programme content of the series are invited to the anniversary festival in the Stadtgarten. A total of five concerts with David Toop, Anthony Moore/Peter Blegvad, Tina Tonagel/Elisabeth Coudoux/Simon Rummel, Echo Ho and Okkyung Lee are planned for the evening.

In addition, the magazine publication with artists'* contributions to the 10th anniversary of the concert series will be presented as part of the festival.

We celebrate with ...

Okkyung Lee / Anthony Moore & Peter Blegvad / David Toop / Tina Tonagel + Simon Rummel + Elisabeth Coudoux / Echo Ho / DJ Zipo

concert hall
Start 20:00

10 € Box Office



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