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When Brandt Brauer Frick entered the Berlin scene in 2009 and re-introduced the driving techno with acoustic instruments, the world of DJs performing with orchestras and pianists as headliners at festivals was light years away.
Inspired by the classical history of the city and its wet dance floors, the trio owes its bricolage beats to the minimal masters Steve Reich and Philip Glass as well as to the minimal techno of Ricardo Villalobos and the Perlon label.

Her debut album You Make Me Real mixed the sophisticated music of the concert halls with the euphoric renunciation of club music, thus contributing to the breakthrough of the contemporary classical renaissance of pop music. The three friends Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer and Paul Frick had no idea at the time that the intense musical style they were building up through living and working would stand out as it does now, with artists like Nils Frahm nominated as headliner of the Royal Albert Hall in London and Jon Hopkins nominated for prestigious prizes such as the Mercury Music Prize.
"We couldn't have imagined that the interest in classical instruments and especially the piano would become so great," says Frick. "I mean, we dreamed of releasing on a cool underground label, so it's exciting to see that so many minimalist pianists are doing well now.

An event by Prime Entertainment.

Dance, Electronic, Minimal

concert hall
Start 20:00

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