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Tickets für Celeste

UK-Soul-Hoffnung Celeste im September live in Deutschland

The young singer Celeste, who grew up in Brighton, England, has to be heard rather than described. Anyone who encounters this already mature soul voice knows that Celeste has a lot to offer.
Celeste has found her sound after singles like "Daydreaming" (2016), "The Milk And The Honey" (2017) and "Both Side Of The Moon" (2017). On her debut EP "Lately" from this year she serves perfectly seasoned neo-soul, sometimes dramatic, sometimes lascivious, but always with a quality and grace that will amaze you. No wonder Celeste is already resisting comparisons with the young Amy Winehouse.
must - even if these voices are not taken from the air.

Therefore once again expressly the invitation: Don't just read our press releases, just throw on "Lately" and of course go on their mini tour in September. Then we can get every
Save another line.

VVK Start is Friday, 14.06.2019

An event of Concertteam NRW.

studio 672
Start 20:00

15 € PresalePlease note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.

Stadtgarten-Cards are NOT valid for this event



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