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CHRIS JAMES has already lived through many stations at the age of 23: the native American, who grew up in Germany under the name Christopher James Brenner, began his career in 2011 by covering well-known hits from Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran or the Kings of Leon on Youtube and from there he built up a large fan base, with which he had already been on tour through Germany twice on almost sold-out tours. After countless support shows for various artists ( Jack & Jack, Michael Schulte, Max Giesinger (and many more) he dedicated himself to a phase of musical self-discovery, changed his stage name from Chris Brenner to CHRIS JAMES and gave his music a new look.

With his single "Make The Move" released in winter, which has already reached more than 4 million streams on Spotify, he gave a foretaste of the year 2019, in which he will finally present his latest sound on his own tour again.

CHRIS JAMES will start his "Happy Hour" Tour 2019 in December and will be seen live in seven different cities in Germany.

An event of ass concerts.

dance, electronic

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