Cologne Sessions: Afrodeutsche

  • Wo? Stadtgarten & Studio 672, Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln
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It was all just a dream, now it's reality!

After an intense and lasting power rave for our opening with Mama Snake, the Cologne Sessions continue at full throttle. Welcome, AFRODEUTSCHE. The British born Ghanaian / Russian / German composer, producer and DJ from Manchester. Their DJ style is a selection of Drexciyan pearls mixed with hard British techno classics. She holds a monthly residency on NTS and completes it with her own productions ranging from dark electro to breaks and jacking house. It couldn't be a better matchl for a Cologne Sessions night. The residents MK BRAUN and DJ MONEY from Aroma Pitch will accompany you on the decks for another unforgettable night.


Afrodeutsche [River Rapid, Manchester]
MK Braun [Henk Records, Cologne Sessions, Cologne]
DJ Money [APR, Cologne Sessions, Berlin]

Start 23:30

8 € PresalePlease note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.10 € Box Office



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