EOS Kammerorchester Köln feat. Ingrid Laubrock

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The EOS 21st Symphony concept has been developed with great success in recent years: Outstanding jazz musicians*, equally renowned as composers and instrumentalists, write for EOS and perform as soloists of their works.

In this concept, the combination of notated and improvised music is always a central aspect. The chamber orchestral ensemble is extended by improvising musicians. The freedom of individual and spontaneous expression of the improvising musicians is usually supported by the compositionally clearly defined space created by the orchestra.
But not exclusively: the orchestra sometimes also performs improvising. Under the condition of specific parameters, which can be varied and combined again and again, the body of sound itself becomes an improvising instrument. Thus, beyond genre-specific organisational principles, a living music is created in the fusion of two musical worlds. An intensive dialogue of new music and jazz in the broadest sense emerges.

Since performing with the EOS Chamber Orchestra at the moers festival 2017, where Ingrid Laubrock's commissioned composition for chamber orchestra and soloists, "Contemporary Chaos Practices", was premiered, the conductor Susanne Blumenthal and composer Ingrid Laubrock have been aware that they want to continue their collaboration as soon as possible. As a composer, who is rooted in jazz and improvised music, but who in recent years has moved closer and closer to new music, it is important for Ingrid Laubrock to find ways to transfer improvisation into a new context. This requires open-minded comrades-in-arms who spare no effort in realizing this musically progressive vision - Susanne Blumenthal, the EOS Chamber Orchestra Cologne and the guest musicians selected by Laubrock are just such companions.

For the proposed project the pianist Cory Smythe, the electronic composer Sam Pluta and the drummer Tom Rainey from New York could be won. Ingrid Laubrock has been working closely with all these musicians for years. The bassist Robert Landfermann from Cologne, one of the most renowned musicians of his generation, joins the band.
All invited musicians had developed an individual, unmistakable style: Cory Smythe is a musician who is at home in both new music and jazz. One of his specialties is to bring quarter tones into the piano playing through clever sampling. Sam Pluta is a member of the contemporary group 'Wet Ink', and himself a renowned composer, and Tom Rainey and Robert Landfermann move with ease in the most diverse musical worlds and know how to connect them with each other in a highly original way. In the context of an orchestral chamber ensemble such as the EOS Kammerorchester Köln, there are still numerous, never-before-heard possibilities open to both free improvisation and electronic music - Ingrid Laubrock and her fellow musicians* look forward to exploring them further!

This event is part of our subscription series "BIG ENSEMBLES". The tickets for this subscription (3 events) are available here from Freie Volksbühne e.V.: https://volksbuehne.de/abonnement/jazz-im-stadtgarten-big-ensembles/

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EOS Kammerorchester (), Susanne Blumenthal (Dirigat, Leitung), Ingrid Laubrock (comp., saxes), Sam Pluta (electronics), Cory Smythe (piano), Tom Rainey (drums), Robert Landfermann (bass)

Jazz, Neue Musik, Improvisierte Musik

concert hall
Start 18:00

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18 €/12 € red. Box Office

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