Floral Shop

Wo? Stadtgarten & Studio 672, Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln

Wann? Monday, 21.10.2019 22:00

Marvin, Igor, Simon and Marvin founded FLORAL SHOP in 2016 with the aim of transforming their individual backgrounds and identities into atmospheric pop music. As producers and multi-instrumentalists, they embark on a journey through pop, indie rock and electronica, creating a style that gives Igor's singing the same status as the rhythms, melodies and soundscapes that surround it. With their debut EP PARASOLS, the four-piece band from Münster and Cologne has processed this spirit into five tracks, which they show in different constellations - from the radiant opener Out Of Touch to the explosive last piece Anyplace, FLORAL SHOP manages to unite lively and melodic guitar pop with the timbre and versatility of modern electronic music. Their atmospheric, versatile productions have already received attention from blogs like NBHAP, Indietronica, We love that sound and Mapambulo as well as airplay from campus radios all over Germany.

Rock, Electronic

Start 22:00

Free admission