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Roel Vermeer (27) is GOSTO, like Gosto is Roel Vermeer. During the nightly strolls of Roel through Amsterdam, GOSTO accompanies him to catch exciting and lusty tracks. Often there’s adventure, regularly love or something like it. And every now and then the loneliness and craving to return to his apartment. Resulting in Roel’s eagerness to go into the night; the night that gives, but surely also takes.

The new-released track Prisoner is a good example; at first all seems well, but as you go along you realise it has altered. The video by this track shows it to you powerfully. Prisoner tells the story of someone who tries to run from there issues. Yet the harder you try, the more complex your issues get.

Listening back to his previous album Memory Ivy, Roel is very proud of it. And rightfully so: he wrote and produced it on his own, it put him on the music chart at once, resulting in gigs from Germany to Japan, from Dutch leading TV-slots to supporting Jamie Lidell and Oscar and the Wolf. Yet there is always progress in the work of an artist.

For the songs for his upcoming second album Roel has searched for a balance between melancholy and the lust for life, the dark and the light. This time he also found two man who could help him finding that balance: the British songwriter Will Knox, a born storyteller, and Tim van Berkenstijn, also known as Benny Sings.

These men, like Roel, know that it can always rain on a summers evening and icy winters days can be intensely warm. In Benny Sings’ studio in Amsterdam the cooperation proves to be a match made in heaven. Roel’s warm timbre fits perfectly over the funky, concessionless sound of Benny Sings and the stories get told in a intelligent, yet understandable manner thanks to Will Knox’s way with words.

Previously people compared GOSTO to James Blake and Chet Faker. Now references as Frank Ocean and Prince would do right. There is enough soul and sex in the new GOSTO: it’s a perfect soundtrack for a warm summers night with little sleep.

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