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Ida Mae
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Currently on tour with Josh Ritter and after a phenomenal album launch show at The King’s Head, Ida Mae have released their debut album ‘Chasing Lights’ – out now on Thirty Tigers.

Ida Mae is the sound that Chris Turpin always dreamed of creating. After the break down of their raucous first group, Kill It Kid, Turpin, as opposed to seeing the band’s dissolution as a setback, saw it as an opportunity: “We wanted to make something simple and honest and raw,” says Chris. “We wanted to make a record our way, with no compromises.”

‘Chasing Lights’ was helped to become the masterpiece it is with the guidance of legendary producer Ethan Johns (Ray LaMontagne, Laura Marling, Kings of Leon). The duo’s natural chemistry proved to be an ideal fit for Ethan Johns’ minimalist approach to production. “Ethan records live and very quickly,” explains Turpin. “He loves the naïve discovery of early takes. It could be terrifying at times, but we always trusted his judgment.”

Blending elements of vintage Delta blues and gritty rock and roll with boldly modern arrangements and fearless punk swagger, ‘Chasing Lights’ captures Ida Mae in its purest form. From the pulsating ‘Higher Than Light’ to the Beat poet-inspired ‘My Girl Is A Heartbreak’, ‘Chasing Lights’ is an impressive eclectic debut. Singing together, the couple have an unusual ‘which-is-which’ dynamic.

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