Klaeng, die Serie #19: Autochrom + Expressway Sketches

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Klaeng, the #19 series is degenerating into a big album release party!!!

LUISE VOLKMANN and her band AUTOCHROM celebrate their Cologne premiere and present their debut album "RGB", which is released on the label nWog Records.
The EXPRESSWAY SKETCHES around Klaengster Tobias Hoffmann celebrate on their new album "SURFIN' THE DAY, LOVIN' THE NIGHT" their deep love for 60' surf music. Appears on Klaeng Records!

"Autochrome" was the first method of colour photography: exposure in the basic colours RGB. With this method of color photography, the pioneer Albert Kahn sent young photographers into the world. Anticipating the First World War, he gave them the task of capturing the beauty of different cultures in order to promote racism and intolerance.
to fight it. Thanks to this man we now have colour photographs from the early 20th century showing some of the most exotic places in the world.
"Autochrom": A suitable name for a trio of alto saxophone, bass and drums, in which each instrument represents one of the 3 basic colours red, green, blue. The musicians from Cologne, Leipzig and Berlin show three musical characters, which together form the musical picture in colour. As with the "autochrome process", the timbres of the trio mix to form a fusing sound. The trio moves between the poles of a complex composition and the free space of collective improvisation. Rock and jazz, as well as new music and playful ideas find their way into the ensemble's music. With "Blau" (drums: Max Santner), "Grün" (bass: Athina Kontou) and "Rot" (alto: Luise Volkmann) you get a triple exposure. The band plays with blurriness, with bizarre overlays and is held together by the compositions of Luise Volkmann. Through intensive sound research in rehearsals, a fusional sound has been created over time, in which the instruments partly merge inseparably. With a cue system, the trio retains the flexibility to incorporate a new color, dynamic or texture into the music at any time, even in complex compositions. The compositions include "noise" material from the instruments as well as rock grooves, Afrobeats and catchy melodies.

Drums: Max Santner
Bass: Athina Kontou
Alto: Luise Volkmann

Expressway Sketches
International tours, enthusiastic audiences, sold out recordings... After the resounding success of "Love Surf Music" this all star band of young German and Austrian jazz now presents their new album SURFIN' THE DAY, LOVIN' THE NIGHT. Even deeper than their predecessor, the four specialists penetrate the subject matter of jazz, surf music, Motown, Tom Jobim, Henry Mancini and Krautrock; they open up the stylistic connections again and give them a contemporary update.
Having an unmistakable band sound is something that many people demand and few keep - with the Expressway Sketches, it's a reality that has grown over the years. The Band
groovt better than ever and the rich sound palette, which you can find in your Vintage Gear
is in no way inferior to first-class productions from America. The compositional development is also audible. The music on SURFIN' THE DAY, LOVIN' THE NIGHT seems more mature, more substantial - and yet hasn't lost any of its raw, immediate urgency. The Expressway Sketches ride the surf wave. The fun they have is highly contagious. Let's go to new old shores!

Who are the Expressway Sketches?
Four of the most successful jazz musicians in Europe. Resides in Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna and Berlin. All of them have won numerous awards (including WDR, SWR, Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis, ECHO Jazz, Prix du Jazz Européen) and are on the road worldwide with their own bands Shake Stew, Interzone, Hütte, Quiet Fire, Hive Mind and Tobias Hoffmann Trio. Her love for surf music brings her together again and again, her audience is always enthusiastic - whether in Baku or Bonn, Paris or Prague, Saalfelden or Saargemünd.

Electric Guitar: Tobias Hoffmann
Organ & Wurlitzer Piano: Benjamin Schaefer
Electric Bass: Lukas Kranzelbinder
Drums: Max Andrzejewski

Max Santner (dr), Athina Kontou (b), Luise Volkmann (br), Tobias Hoffmann (eg), Benjamin Schaefer (p), Lukas Kranzelbinder (eb), Max Andrzejewski (dr)

Jazz/ Surf and more

concert hall
Start 20:00

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