Kompott Fairtrade-Erderwärmungsparty mit DJ Janeck Altshuler

  • Wo? Stadtgarten & Studio 672, Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln
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Even if most Russians do not believe in global warming (or deliberately heat in the winter with the window open because of the cold there), we at Kompott take climate change seriously. Our flying shame is so real, we canceled our world tour. We didn't want to sail because it always gets bad when we sail. Maybe because of all the vodka...
To save CO2 we cook our compote now with regional fruits and vegetables: DJ Janeck Altshuler is from the Hessian field, but his music palette is far like the world and wide like the Russian soul: Ukrainian, Jewish, Caribbean, Oriental, tropical freshest or evergreen musical fruits from Fairtrade, digitally flown in, laid out with love and understanding by the professional and local virtuoso - after all, he has four different successful party series in and around Wiesbaden! When the compote veterans come into the DJ stable, the whole thing becomes very (heart) warming, but don't worry, the vodka is already cold.

Janeck Altshuler comes from the Ukraine, lives in Wiesbaden and is active as a DJ, organizer and music enthusiast in the Rhine-Main area. With his events like "La Bolschevita" or "Aurora-Party" he has been making sure for a long time that the contemporary grooves from Eastern Europe are also clearly audible on the Western European dance floor! Thanks to his colorful mixture of centuries-old Gypsy & Klezmer melodies, modern handmade or electronic rhythms he regularly travels Germany and Europe! This cocktail is even more invigorating with a pinch of swing with Caribbean, African and Oriental spices. With his further project "Oriental Tropical", which is dedicated to the diversity of the so-called "Global Beats", he serves multicultural music for ears and legs without using world music clichés. From debauched to ecstatic, the audience always gets going! Mazel Tov, Mis Amigos, music is the best camel!

Vodka Musika, Balkan Swing, Tropical Disko

concert hall
Start 22:00

8 € Box Office

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