Lab.Calling #4

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Wo? Stadtgarten & Studio 672, Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln

Wann? Monday, 23.09.2019 20:00

interdisciplinary performance vibe

presented by Anthony Greminger, Thea Soti and Rebekka Salomea Ziegler

LAB.CALLING #4 is the continuation of the series of the Cologne collective fx.LAB started in February 2019. 2017 found Anthony Greminger, Thea Soti and
Rebekka Salomea Ziegler the new musician collective fx.LAB in Cologne. The three internationally active artists experiment in the fields of improvised music, electronic pop/hip-hop and interdisciplinary performance art and are influenced by current vibes that are based on the
fx.LAB is committed to collaborative communication among artists and places a further emphasis on the visibility and dissemination of non-commercial music.

The founders of the collective invite artists who inspire them and with whom they want to go deeper musically and artistically. Previous constellations were the Berliners Felix Henkelhausen (double bass) and Ludwig Wandinger (producer / DJ), who have been curating their series "Future Bash" together in Berlin for several years. At the AchtBrücken Festival they presented LAB.CALLING with Leif Berger and Sebastian Gille. Now they extend their guests with artists from other disciplines (video, movement, performance, installation, poetry, etc.). The focus is on the unknown, on the experimental friction at the moment among the artists through the primary use of electronics, noise and beats in an ever-changing location. Festival stage, garage-like underground industrial living room, jazz location or clubs.

Performance, Noise, Movement, Electronic, DIY, Beats

studio 672
Start 20:00

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