Lagerfeuer Deluxe: Komparse! Stud! Jan Bleeker!

Wo? Stadtgarten & Studio 672, Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln

Wann? Friday, 18.10.2019 20:00

The campfire deluxe evenings have become cult in the Cologne music scene over the last few years. Three artists* or bands present the acoustic essence of their work in an intimate atmosphere. Lyrics and music can be experienced very closely by the listeners and this leads to a mostly highly euphoric togetherness. Here there is no limit to the musical variety. Singer songwriters appear alongside hip-hop acts or reggae artists alongside indie bands. But everyone has to subordinate themselves to the musical concept of the campfire Deluxe:

Each act has only 20 minutes to inspire the audience, and that with limited means: No drums, no amps, no effects, just campfire feeling.
The song is the centre of attention, the singer has to bring it over.

This Friday:
Jan Bleeker


Start 20:00

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