NICA presents: Coudoux, Giw, Held & Lukasheva

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NICA presents
Coudoux, Giw, Held & Lukasheva - Artists in Residence 2020

for a successful career.
The four Artists in Residence will each present their current projects in a short 20 minutes set. Ukrainian born singer Tamara Lukasheva surprises and captivates with impressive vocal art while cellist Elisabeth Coudoux' Emißatett creates a new musical language contrary to musical conventions. In the duo Tombak/Trumpet, trumpet player Pablo Giw unloads a filigree thunderstorm of beats, breath sounds and planar planes and the trio of pianist Pablo Held has developed its own definition of spontaneity in its interplay. Starting in January 2020, they will present their musical ideas, visions, cooperations or discoveries regularly in the monthly concert series "NICA presents" in the in-house club JAKI.

Line Up:
Tamara Lukasheva Solo
Pablo Hero Trio

With NICA artist development, a pilot project for the promotion of jazz musicians at the European Centre for Jazz and Contemporary Music has been launched this autumn. Within a funding period of three years, it will enable the selected artists to build up a professional, international network of sustainable business relationships as well as a long-term presence at home and abroad, to sharpen their artistic profile and to impart the necessary knowledge for a successful career.

Elisabeth Coudoux (cello), Pablo Giw (trumpet), Pablo Held (piano), Tamara Lukasheva (voice), Robert Landfermann (bass), Jonas Burgwinkel (drums), Joss Turnbull (tombak, sticks, sampler), Matthias Muche (trombone), Etienne Nillesen (snare)

Jazz, Improvisation, experimental music

concert hall
Start 20:00

Free admission

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