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December 2018: Paul Heller announces a "special surprise guest" in his concert series Next Level Jazz. When the secret is revealed and Mr. NN enters the stage, he is greeted with a mixture of welcome cheers and astonished murmurs. No wonder, because that "unknown" was and is a pronounced acquaintance: Trumpeter Till Brönner. With this choice, Heller raised the bar - in musical terms anyway, but also in terms of the popularity of the guest.

And consequently he also raises expectations when the secret of the next "Surprise Guest" is unveiled at the end of 2019 with tenor master Bill Evans.

Paul Heller has found the perfect Allstar line-up for 22.12.2019, according to the occasion:

Bill Evans - tenor sax
Paul Heller - tenor sax
Simon Oslender - piano / hammond organ
Ingmar Heller - bass
& special guests

Bill Evans (tenorsax), Paul Heller (tenorsax), Simon Oslender (piano, hammond), Ingmar Heller (bass)


concert hall
Start 18:00

36 € PresalePlease note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.36 €/10 € red. Box Office



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