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Bear Bones Lay Low (live)
Oscar the Tiny
Sarah San
DJJ Diana Jana Jones

Bear Bones Lay Low is the solo project of Ernesto Gonzalez, among others known by Tav Exotic (together with Michael Crabbé aka Weird Dust), Maitres Fous (feat. Jooklo Duo & France) and brand new A.N.I. (feat. DON'T DJ and Black Zone Myth Chant / High Wolf). Gonzalez has a very special horizon that goes far beyond that of most people. This is not only reflected in his enormous network and numerous collaborations, but is also transcended in his way of life as well as in that of his fellow human beings. Of course, a large part of this spirit can also be found in his solo project Bear Bones Lay Low. Psychedelic, repetitive electronics, digital + analog, shamanic ejections towards trance. The feeling is hard to describe, but those who have already experienced it (legendary Cologne shows in the past <3) know what we are talking about here.

Oscar the Tiny: since his still effective set at the Kraak Festival 2016 and a following private performance of his skills in a "Little Brussels Island" (RIP) Oscar should be invited to a Sounds Wrong Feels Right. So it was a great pleasure to celebrate our first party at JAKI with him. We can't say exactly what's happening. We're excited about that ourselves. The main thing is sweating.

Beginning and end of the evening will be arranged by the locals Sarah San (SPA, soyya) and DJJ Diana Jana Jones (THIS IS US, baumusik).


Start 23:30

10 € Box Office



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