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-Neue Lieder über die Liebe und den Tod-

Tom Schilling has been carrying a mountain of song ideas around with him for years, but it was the shooting of the highly acclaimed low budget film "Oh Boy" that sparked the start of his musical career, during which he got to know and appreciate the musicians of the band "The Major Minors". In 2017 they finally released their timeless, formidable debut album "Vilnius" under the name Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids, which was created in collaboration with producer Moses Schneider (Beatsteaks, Tocotronic, Fehlfarben, Annenmaykantereit).

But Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids neither play jazz, nor are they kids, but much more competent musicians and a multi talented actor, who revives classical moritates and songs from the abyss, but also the tradition of German chanson and reminds of the early Element of Crime, Weill, Waits and Brecht. The pieces on "Vilnius" have a certain black-and-white aesthetic and balance between melancholy and humour. Metropolis and love are themes that TOM SCHILLING deals with in his texts with a certain mysteriousness or ambiguity. The Jazz Kids, on the other hand, manage to give Tom Schilling's compositions a sometimes clattering, crashing and sometimes tenderly playful corset. Within this, the vocals and the narrated story merge with the music, the arrangements and the remarkable production values of this song collection. The brittle charm in Schilling's singing and the hearty malice of his lyrics almost seem like a cross between Sven Regener and Hildegard Knef. Ballad, Schlager, but also travelling guitars and urgent rhythms come together and almost incidentally Schilling shines in his role as a chansonnier, which really suits him.

An event of a.s.s. concerts.

Chanson, Indie, Rock

Start 20:00

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