Wieder, Gansch & Paul: Nebenwirkungen Vol. 3

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Chance writes the most beautiful stories. Albert Wieder took over as maternity leave representative at Mnozil Brass in 2015. Together with Thomas Gansch and Leonhard Paul they started to play an encore at the end of every Mnozil Brass show. A new one on every tour. Into the blue, very spontaneous and not rehearsed until hardly rehearsed, one stood on stage and did what music-making is all about - communicating. Over the course of time a whole concert program developed, with songs from all corners and ends of their three universes:
George Michael, The Beatles, Chuck Mangione, Johann Strauss, Toots Thielemans, Elvis Costello, Georg Danzer, Junior Mance and and and and. Bass, melody and harmony. That's all you need. You could also say "Earth, Wind and Fire" - but that's already taken - so let's call it "Wieder, Gansch & Paul"!

Thomas Gansch (trp, flh), Leonhard Paul (pos, btp), Albert Wieder (tb)


concert hall
Start 20:00

18 €/12 € red. Presale
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18 €/12 € red. Box Office

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