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The three members of A Mountain Of One come from the world of underground techno, being studio hounds and beat-masters, and they're familiar with the demands of clubs and dancers.
But the music they make as A Mountain Of One would only have value in discotheques with beds: it has already been tagged by those canny folk at Vice magazine as "future Balearic classics".
AMO1 themselves recall the experimental dance outfits of the early 90s such as Ultramarine and the Orb, whose epic, exploratory ambient techno was steeped in krautrock and the "Canterbury Scene" of Soft Machine et al. Early-70s fetishists, their songs, often 10 minutes long, are slow and meanderingly melodic, and their ambition is to make the 21st century Dark Side Of The Moon.
Their lead singer has the tremulous voice of a latter-day Bryan Ferry and their music is epic with pretensions towards the elegiac and exquisite.

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