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AfterAua: Anschnallen! Gurtz fahren!

Gurtz live!
[Alphahouse / Calima  /Roman,Photo / Telegraph / Buenos Aires]
Dario Zenker [Num / Stock5 / Harry Klein]
Müller [Stock5 / Hometown Music / München]

Gonzalo Urtizberea a.k.a. Gurtz approached electonic and digital music towards the end of the 90s through the use of different software of production, edition and audio sequencing on PC. During his residence in Córdoba (1999  2003) he studied clasical music at the U.N.C. but at the same time explored different genres from ambient to minimal, via idm, downtempo, and electroacoustic music.

He performs live in various events and is gradually bringing his sound to the dancefloor and to modern electronic music. In 2004 he moved to Buenos Aires to study Electroacoustic Composition. His current direction is combining micro sounds of glitch and the textures of experimental music with the groove and energy of minimal techno. His work has been released by different labels as Telegraph (France), Clevermusic (UK), Unfound (USA), Roman-Photo (Fr.), Calima records (Spain) and others. His live performances are based on the concept of laptop music by means of patches for max/msp or ableton live controlled with external MIDI controllers and as a DJ he has performed for the most select sounds of minimal techno. At the end of 2005 he founded Natural Media net label.

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