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Shit & Shine is a sideline of Craig Clouse (TODD) together with Leon Marks and Lawrence Price, which implies a riff, a beat, a song that's at least 45 minutes long, 2 basses, and 10 to 20 drummers (or more): a premium Noise rampage - drastic and incalculable. Riff and drum pattern are established and revealed to guest drummers only shortly before a performance begins. Then, after a quick warm-up during the sound-check, the show rolls into pure improvisation, known to develop every which way. Whatever happens, one thing is certain: mediocre entertainment this is not. Shit & Shine gigs are hypnotic, ecstatic events and whether you love 'em or leave 'em, they won't ever leave you unmoved. Delirious Riff Fetishism!

The list of drummers who have announced their participation for the gig at CTM.08 speaks for itself:
Derek Shirley (Monno), Peter Schlewinski (Bolz'n), Morten Olsen (Moha!), Aaron Snyder aka Big Daddy Mugglestone (Assdroids), Marc Fantini (Monno), Thomas Goetz (Beatsteaks), Sebastian Vogel (Kante), Sven Ulber (Nachlader, Rich & Kool), Boris Kaiser (Volt), Jari Rebelein (DYSE), Tim Mentzel (ORWO6), Scheich (Acid Test), Babett Poetzsch, Nico Lindner (Volt), Mai-Linh Truong (ex Surrogat, Schredder), Tim Mentzel (Rotor, ORWO6), Paul Borchers (Yobkiss)

Other acts this night: US Black Metal band Wolves in the Throne Room from Southern Lord Records, Norwegian Black Metal/Noise-Extremists Utarm, Berlin's own duo Abominations, as well as Ives #1, a new project comprising former Alboth-drummer Michael Wertmueller, Marino Pliakas (both currently within Peter Broetzmann Trio), Thomas Mahmoud (ex Von Spar) and Gerd Rische – Speed, Black-, Death-Metal and Grindcore elements meet Goth, and Free Jazz interspersed with uncompromising Noise.

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