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Format B

Format: B
Jens Bond

Format: B (Highgrade Berlin / Opossum Rec. / cliquebooking)

Jakob is a Berliner, from Kreuzberg to be exact. As all good parents do, his wanted him to play an instrument. After years of successfully dodging music lessons and his parent’s wishes, he finally at the subtle age of 15 decided that he desperately needed a bass guitar, which then through diligent practice manoeuvred him from hardcore bands to funk and jazz bands. But suddenly, there was a small problem: he liked Techno parties much better than rock concerts. So, as one does, he began buying the odd techno maxi here and there until one day little Jakob thought to himself: ”Why heck, I can do that too!”

Jens Bond (Highgrade Berlin / cliquebooking)

was born in 1975 in Oldenburg, Germany. His interest in music began at an early age, playing the drums in various bands at the age of 14. First contact with electronic music came at the age of 21 while the club scene in Bremen was beginning to explode. This first contact immediately infecting him with the house-virus, making him trade in his drum kit for two Technics 1210’s, soon giving him the chance to prove his skills successfully in various clubs in and around Bremen and Oldenburg. In 2000 he moved to Berlin to widen his musical horizons and to get into the real club scene.

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