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DJ Nomad(Baalsaal UK)- schon seit Jahren als einer der Protagonisten der Hamburger Elektroszene und
ständig zwischen Hamburg und London am Pendeln, verdanken wir unzählige legendäre DJ Sets und stets einen willkommenen Hauch der britischen Undergroundszene in unserer kleinen Stadt. Als langjähriger DJ und Veranstalter ist DJ Nomad seine Fangemeinde treu ergeben, denn kaum ein anderer versteht es, die Brücke zwischen minimalistischem Undergroundsound und tanzbaren Titeln so gekonnt zu bauen.


Mark Moore Biografie:


Mark Moore achieved fame as the driving force behind the dance/sampling pioneers S-EXPRESS with the number one hit "The Theme from S-Express". Today his notoriety has been reinforced not only by S-Express and his subsequent string of hit records and remixes , but by being one of clubland's most unique and eclectic DJs. He is one of the first to have embraced the aspects of stardom and success attributed to the DJ culture. Complete with his trademark, a customised red telephone/headphone, Mark can be seen at some of the UK's finest clubs. He has an original playing style and is described as an adventurous DJ who will carefully construct a set of interesting, original but lively records which guarantee an ecstatic response from any dancefloor. A DJ who will avoid an endless stream of cheesy anthems but is happy to play a pop record if he loves it. He is without question one of the godfathers of new dance music and club culture. Mark first started DJing at Philip Salon's legendary MUD Club; when the resident DJ, Tasty Tim, asked him to fill in one night. Thrown in at the deep end, Mark had to sink or swim. He swam and became a huge hit with the crowd and was immediately offered a residency which he held for over five years. He then got noticed by the club Heaven who offered him a slot at their Pyramid night. Mark was one of the first supporters of Chicago house music and Detroit techno in this country and mixed it with electronic European dance music (such as Yello, Soft Cell and Cabaret Voltaire) alongside Colin Favor and Evil Eddie Richards. Being the first night in the UK to play house music the venue attracted the likes of The Pet Shop Boys, Danny Rampling, Mr C, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold and even Liza Minelli! This led to Danny Rampling offering Mark guest spots at the seminal Shoom club. Mark's intrinsic feel for dance music was present at the earliest stages of his career pre-dating what is now widely termed Balearic. Mark's idea to form S-Express was a natural progression from the musical experience and grounding he received as a regular on the club scene. In 1988 Mark's brainchild resulted in his first release - "The Theme From S-Express" with co-producer Pascal Gabriel. It shot to number one across most of Mother Earth and catapulted Mark and S-Express to worldwide fame and fortune. During the recording of the first album "Original Soundtrack", Mark worked on tracks with a girl just starting her singing career, Billie Ray Martin. He then sought out his favourite producer, the then little-known William Orbit and they collaborated on an S-Express track. They continued to work together and their many remixes include Prince and Malcolm McLaren. Mark recorded his second album "Intercourse", on which he worked with the singer Sonique and the then undiscovered Carl Craig. Sonique has since gone on to become the world's biggest female DJ and a hugely successful solo artist, while Carl Craig is one of Detroit's finest exports. Over the years Mark has indulged in various projects; running three labels: Splish, Stylofiction and Bone; doing the occasional remix and production (Seal and Randy Crawford among others); hosting his weekly London nightclub Electrogogo; hanging out with modern composer Philip Glass (they became friends when Glass collaborated on a remix of Hey Music Lover); writing and publishing a few short stories; interviewing the "trash guru" film-maker John Waters of "Hairspray" and "Pink Flamingos" fame and even playing a cameo role on the French and Saunders show. He is now working on various projects in the studio for future release. May 2002 saw the release of Needledust on the Novamute label (a double A-sided record entitled "Wuh!" and "Speedfreek"). A collaboration with T-Total; Needledust are an electro-disco outfit with a nod and a wink to Giorgio Moroder, Patrick Cowley and even Punk Rock! The record has caused a major stir in clubland everywhere from the UK to Japan and has been played by a wide range of djs from Carl Cox, The Sharp Boys and Tom Stephan to Black Strobe and FC Kahuna. Recent remixes include Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Round" along with remixes for Grom and Hot Skates 3000 (Billie Ray Martin). A few years ago Mark took a break from the musically restrictive bigger venues to concentrate on spinning in smaller places with eclectic music policies - which he felt were "better for the soul". You can find Mark playing a mix of nu-electro, electro disco, twisted house, trippy disco and eclecto-clash in UK clubs such as Electrogogo, The Cock, Fesh, Nag Nag Nag, Wall Of Sound's Sic @ Fabric, The 333 Club, 21st Century Bodyrockers, 93 Feet East, The ICA, Taste, Drama, Sleazecore, Torture Garden, The Faceparty, Electric Stew, Pushca, Gatecrashers, Chuff Chuff, Pacha and The Medicine Bar to name a few. In July 2003 Mark did the first ever official Electro tour of Australia with cohort Princess Julia. Other recent overseas gigs include Berlin, Regensburg, Istanbul, Hong Kong, New York, Budapest, Rome, Montpellier, Ibiza, Culture Club in Ghent and Kill The DJ in Paris. Mark Moore is known as the first of the DJ pop stars. Muzik magazine have cited "Theme From S-Express" as kick-starting the UK house scene. S-Express opened the doors across most of the world for new dance music and DJ culture as a viable force. Jockey Slut magazine have made Mark one of their "Heroes of House Music." Today, Mark still finds himself travelling the globe to express himself and bring to the fore his most extraordinary DJing repertoire.


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