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Next Event: 11-08-2007

“the girls, the boys, the look, the spectacle, the star, the icon”

The origins of Silicon started in the late 90’s early 2000 when Guily X left the famous Ibiza party Decadance, to start his first production on his own, Café Olé in the club Space. This became a night life reference with a potential tendency to the fashion world with which GX always been close related to and so he proved as a stylist for Pacha Ibiza.

In the beginning of the 2000’s, the second production of Silicon took place in Pacha Ibiza, a party with its own public and with an ambient of the 80’s.

After spending some time in Milan, studying photography and design, GX came to Barcelona where he did his Silicon to start with in Discotheque. Later on he continued with the production Catwalk for the Matinee Group, party that would give its name to one of the most well known discotheques in the city, where Silicon is being held today.

This versatile artist; stylist, decorator and photographer, is today one of the mayor creative directors among the night life.

Connected to the New York house Extravaganza and adopted by the mother of the same, the diva Carmen X, his productions have been an important reference for the fashion world and the show business.

Silicon has progressed thanks to the capacity of changing with the time. Today the music style is electro house of great quality, played by Javi Muñoz (Space - Ibiza, Queen - Paris, La Roca – Belgium, Ministry – Moscow and Joia – Miami) one of the most important music references for the moment and in discussable co-operator of GX in his productions. Silicon has been able to be enjoyed in the best places like Space of Sound – Madrid, Pacha – Ibiza, Catwalk – Barcelona, Milan etc.

Once more Silicon is renewing itself with a new concept of party, inspired in the true Ibiza.

After a great season of 2006, we come back with a new scenary to Privilege every Saturday night.

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