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Ten Weeks of Silence

Hier das offizielle Statement von Richie Hawtin zu dieser ausgefallenen Art, seinen Geburtstag zu begehen:

Normally I would use the beginning of the new year to reflect on the previous year's highlights, but this January marks an even more important landmark for Minus, as it marks the beginning of our Ten Year Anniversary!

It's a significant moment for me, reflecting over the past 9 years of Minus's history. I am overwhelmed by the amount of things that we have achieved, and I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of our artists. Reflecting on all of these experiences makes me realize how much time and energy has gone into building the foundation of what Minus has become today, however, at the same time it feels as if things came together in a blink of an eye, giving new weight to the term "time flies when you're having fun."

It only seems like yesterday (1990) that John Acquaviva and I were two kids with a dream of releasing our first record on our own credit-card funded label Plus 8, and only days later (sic) in 1997 when Plus 8 had become such a workload of success that we consciously decided to slow things down and take time to focus our attention on new ideas. That was the moment that Minus was born, with the idea of minimizing everything that Plus 8 had become, going back to basics, and starting again from scratch using everything that I had learned through the experiences of Plus 8 and Plastikman. Minus was a new identity; inspired by the connections between art, music and technology, a platform not only for the next steps of my own career, but also for the first steps of emerging artists and friends.

With the help of Clark Warner we started again, and slowly, even cautiously, allowed things to develop. Along the way, we connected with friends who came aboard to help with our mission, remaining inspired, while making sure not to allow the business of music to influence our direction or sound.

Throughout these past nine years our family has continued to grow, not only in terms of Artists, but also with the people behind the scenes. We find ourselves going into 2008 with established offices not only in our original home of Windsor, Canada, but in Berlin, Germany, the new second home for us and many of our friends and Artists.

We are all very excited with what we have in store for our Tenth Year Anniversary, but before we announce too much, we will begin the year with our own celebration - 10 Weeks of Silence! During the first ten weeks of 2008 there will be no new releases and no performances or appearances from any of the Minus Artists (except for perhaps the odd secret testing of new material).

I hope you all enjoy this moment of silence while we reflect and re-focus our energy, ideas and inspiration for the upcoming Ten Year Anniversary celebrations starting in late March 2008. These special Minus | Ten Events will be spread out over the year and throughout the world. A year of new releases, new Artists and new localized technology will follow, strengthening the connection between Minus, our Artists, and our Friends & Supporters worldwide... between our Family and Yours!

I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has been part of the continuing behind-the-scenes story of Minus, during the early days, Clark,Tim, Jenn, Craig, and Ken, and continuing to today, Vicki, Tosh, Bryan, Katrin, Seth, Ali, Patti, Meike, Rebekah, Franzie, Rudy, Nadine, Jason, Jonathan & Scott, and the ever-continuing support of my brother Matthew and my Mum & Dad.

Thanks to all of the Friends/Artists who have and continue to support the musical foundation of Minus; Madga, Troy, Marc, Jesse, Jon, Jeremy, Kevin, Matt, Barem, Joel & Adam, Mathew & Konrad, Ryan, Dice & Martin, Hannes & Christopher, Josh, Pheek, Jakshun, Ilana, Nacho, Mike, Minx, Dale, Stewart, Swayzak, and Sutekh.

And of course my thanks go to the continued support of all of our Friends, Supporters, Distributors and Partners who continue to help make all of this possible.

Richie Hawtin

Der zehnte Labelgeburtstag - dieses Ereignis haben wir in der letzten Zeit häufiger erlebt. So, wie eben alle Freunde auf einmal 25 werden, oder 30, oder noch älter... in jedem Fall wird das Ganze normalerweise mit einer großen Sause gefeiert, einer fetten Party, einer Clubtour, einer Compilation oder Werkschau oder beidem undsoweiterundsofort. Minimal hingegen geht es bei M_nus Records um Mastermind Richie Hawtin zu: Der nämlich hat sich und seinem Dream Team, bestehend aus Magda, Troy Pierce, Heartthrob, Gaiser, Loco Dice und weiteren Künstlern, eine kreative Pause auferlegt. Zehn Wochen Stille, bis Ende März gibt es keine Auftritte und keine Veröffentlichungen. Statt dessen zieht man sich gemeinsam zurück ins Winterlager und feilt an neuen Ideen, Konzepten und Stücken. Die Minimalgemeinde da draußen darf also gespannt sein, was da kommen mag, wenn die ersten Frühlingsstrahlen das Land erhellen... Kreative Pause zum zehnten Geburtstag

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