Welcome to Germany!

Welcome to Germany!:
We´re happy to have so many international party people with us during the next weeks.
Football is fine, but the party after the match is even more so
Have fun!

the Virtual Nights.com team

You are interested in house music? You prefer techno or R´n´B? Whatsoever: Virtual Nights covers hundreds of club dates every weekend and even during the week! Take a look at our Eventguide section. To make sure you´re searching for dates in the right area, you can use the German map on the right side of the page. This way, you will receive all the relevant date entries for the region you are staying at. Moreover, you can check out our photo galleries (Pictures) to get an impression of the nightlife spots that we are covering and the people you will meet there.
And please: Do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to know more about a club, a special party, need tips where to go to (and where not to), we might help you. Just contact us via info@virtual-nights.com, please add the subject “international request” so your question will forwarded the right person. Virtual Nights is Germany´s biggest online community for party pictures, events, clubdates, music reviews and anything else important to know if you fancy a good night out. We want to offer you any information we can give you so your stay will a pleasure, even besides the – hopefully – great football matches. International football and party people: welcome to Virtual Nights.com!

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