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When we fall was brought to life the fall of 2003 from what was left from the melodic punk act Bowser that had been around the Swedish punk scene since 1996.
After making some band member replacements and restructuring the music from skate punk into hardcore, the band was soon more than ready to express their creations in front of the crowd.
The music is filled with energy, melodic guitars and varied vocals from bittersweet to a screaming rage.
It’s a wide spectre of melody, melancholy and aggression leaning onto the personal and political lyrics which contains everything from questioning society and labour morals.
Late summer of 2005 the Swedish indie label “Emo foundation” released the hardcore ensemble’s debut ep “A cry in despair”. The same ep was later released by the American based hardcore label “Panic records” the winter of 2006.
These past months When we fall has been creative making new songs and are in the progress in recording their first full length album.
This band has to be seen live because of their intense live performing. It is passionate, expressive and wild from the second they enter the stage until the last chord is strummed.
You will witness guitar swings, back flips, bloody fists and more...

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