Experimental Night #18

Wo? Projekt 42, Waldhausener Str. 40-42, 41061 Mönchengladbach

Wann? Thursday, 12.12.2019 20:00

Experimental Night #18

Tjalling (Postrock / Shoegaze / Eindhoven)
Forest Management (Drone / Ambient / Chicago)
+ DJ-Set by Jeans Beast

Doors: 20h
Start: 20.30h
Waldhausenerstr. 40-42
41061 Mönchengladbach

Präsentiert von Econore

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung vom Kulturbüro MG.


Tjalling's music combines shoegaze, ambient & post-metal to create long uninterrupted tracks. Elements of Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine & Amenra come to light in a captivating & confusing trip.

"Following the release of their earth-shaking debut album "Two People Holding Hands" (2017) Dutch experimental rock band Tjalling returns with an absolutely massive sophomore effort. "A Self Repressed Lie" was composed and honed over two years of continuous performances and brainstorming sessions, building off the conceptual format of its predecessor but amping up the intensity and complexity in arrangement.

Once again Tjalling has composed a full-length record as one single suite-like track, delving deep into the turbulence of psychological self-conflict over its thirty odd minutes and displaying a mastery of contrast and subtlety. "a self repressed lie" weaves its way through kaleidoscopic passages of tender acoustic balladry and churning, scream-drenched electric noise, bringing together the worlds of noise, post-rock, shoegaze, and doom metal in ways that dissolve all boundaries. All in all, a wrenchingly emotional and fiery statement by one of the Netherlands' most daring young bands.

"a self repressed lie" is a co-release by Bagdaddy, Sky Lantern Records, and Tjalling, and will be released in a limited vinyl run of 300 copies on August 22nd. In addition, there will be a small run of cassette copies featuring both of Tjalling's albums on one 66-minute tape."



Forest Management is the solo guise of John Daniel (b. 1989 in Hemet, CA), an American musician currently based in Chicago, IL.

Established in a quiet corner of his hometown outside of Cleveland in 2011, Forest Management began self-releasing ambient music along with photography, playing local and surrounding Midwest basement and coffee shop gigs, and working with experimental tape labels ran by friends in Brooklyn and Cleveland (Perfect Wave, Death Rehearsal, Mistake By The Lake).

After years of recording and touring as a drummer in post-rock and (most recently in 2015) punk bands, Daniel returned home to his own work, and released his debut solo LP Encounter on Martinson Records. It was described by Decoder Magazine as a “dusty, cinematic haze of wilted symphonics”. Throughout his next two full-lengths 21st Century Man (2018) and Passageways (2019) as well as solo dates in North America, Canada, and Europe, Daniel’s music has evolved over time, still using both analog tape and digital software, yet in different demeanors and voices.

On November 29th Forest Management will release After Dark - a vinyl-sourced, Debussy-inspired 2LP on American Dreams Records.

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