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  • Wo? Rote Sonne, Maximiliansplatz 5, 80333 München
  • Wann?

ILLNURSE [RAW, Intervision, France]
Arcann [UNTREATED, Munich]
Mookait [UNTREATED, Munich]
Ratio [UNTREATED, Munich]

Ward physician to the young nurse: "did you draw the blood from the patient in room 13?"
"yeah, but i couldn´t get more than six liters..."
Let´s hope that our nurse didn´t tried that at work!

Inviting to UNTREATED #6: Illnurse

He is a parisian artist with a firm understanding of what it takes to move a dancefloor.

His name came from the fact that he is working as a nurse in a hospital. He quickly became popular in Paris thanks to several of his performances with his anti-conformist crew named Container. Playing loud and raw techno during his sets, Illnurse's playlist abounds of dancefloor weapons which can make you crazy all night.

Also we´d like to welcome Ratio to our artist roster, and part of UNTREATED Event Series. Industrial techno bangers straight the way. Rounded up by Mookait and Arcann, which don´t need any further introduction.

So there´s no excuse, to not be on the dancefloor and dance your asses off!


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