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🖐 We’re kicking off the festive season in true assim spirit! 🖐
Mantha’s debut album “CUPCAKE” is out on Friday, 13th of December so we thought we throw him a magical Xmas bash / release party. Dig out your Xmas jumpers and get ready for some festive raving!

PS: Cool kids don't unpack all presents before festivities start so we'll keep you excited with our 👇

🎁 SECRET Assim Pxlxaxyxgxrxoxuxnxdx special 🎁
... which will be unwrapped soon

Live: Mantha
Support: Neon Neet
After Show party: Aramboa DJ Set

It's free, but make sure you come early. Donations collected at the door, if you wanna support the Assim Family.


Taking a pass on professional music studios, Mantha prefers bedroom-producing because of static and disturbing noise, which he meticulously deconstructs into separate sound elements. Rearranged, sampled and micro-sampled those sound elements transform into Mantha’s typical in-your-face beats. During the production of his debut album Cupcake Mantha reflected on current sociocultural changes, especially on the fake-mentality online: “The fake cotton candy world on the Internet results in superficial behavior and relationships – we’re all made out of blood, bones and bowel, regardless of our appearance. It’s the same with pastry. Visually it might be foodporn, but usually it’s just made out of regular things like flour, butter and sugar.” Cupcake is out on 13th of December.

Check out Mantha:

Neon Neet is a producer-duo from Tirol – Dorian and Phil. They describe their music as “glitch pop”: a unique sound with vibrant tone colors and experimental beats. The duo pushes their listeners into new soundscapes in order to stimulate self-reflection. Neon Neet dropped their second single "Loop You" on August 23rd – an interplay of garishly-colorful timbre and experimental beats packed in a catchy, danceable pop song and layered thick with a darker melancholy.

Check out Neon Neet:

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