Rave On #32 // The 5th Bday Bash

Wo? Fluc, Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien

Wann? Friday, 23.02.2018 23:00

by Rave On Vienna
☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢

- "One date became free in the club next week. Do you have any plans for this night?"
- "Hmm, yeah, sounds good! I’m thinking long ago of givin' a chance to a 90’s Rave Party."
Basically thats how our story began 5 years ago in Fluc Wanne :)
Since then we had the luck & honor to present you 31 crazy Rave On events + 2 (hardcore & electronic) specials. It's even unbelievable for us!
We brought you over 15000 glow sticks, 1000s of stickers, welcome drinks, lollipops, 100s of pizzas & well .. looots of forgotten rave tunes from the glorious years of the nineties.
We brought you back some of our best memories, to not forget ‘em & to create some new ones for the fresher generations.
As this music was the part of our childhood, we’re extremely happy to see old and young ravers united, catching the vibes, pumping on the rhythm, sing the melodies, enjoying & raving together so many years later. It always gives us a very special feeling to see how many of you is waiting, still being excited & always ready to join our time-travels back to Raveland … ‘cause you gave & give us the power to go on, and without you this all would be nothing today.
So we think this is the right moment to say:
Thanks to all of you! Thanks for these 5 years!

In February we’ll be back to celebrate our 5th birthday where it all started, where "Rave On" was born, where we're at home.
Keep the vibes! Join us @ Fluc Wanne!

☢ Laser show & 90’s visuals
☢ Surprise DJs & more surprises
☢ Welcome drinks & sweets for the first 100 guests
☢ Free glow sticks & stickers 'til you grab 'em all up
☢ UV body paints

☢ 8€ < 00:00 < 10€
☢ 5€ all night long in crazy costumes & in the most extreme rave dresses
☢ Free if you got birthday on the 23rd or 24. February

☢ To win free tickets:
1., Like our page: Rave On Vienna
2., Invite your rave buddies to this event (right upper corner > share > choose friends)
The more invites, the more chance to win! Good luck!